Sabine & Anna LISEC, Chuck KLIPFEL - KL Performance Horses

Every person who does competitive sports is looked after medically and osteopathically! Horses used in sports should be no exception! We are very happy that with Simone Klein we can provide the right care for our horses!

Simone's expertise and quiet handling when treating horses have fully convinced us! Her work is part of the success of our horses and our team would not be complete without her!

Sabine Lisec


Emanuel ERNST

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Emanuel ERNST - professional trainer and competition rider

For some years now our horses are checked by Simone on a regular basis - no matter if it is a Non Pro-horse, a Futurity-horse or a breeding stud - Simone often was and still is a big help for us. It also helps that she knows the sport of "Reining" very well - and from that background she is giving us top notch instructions (riding-wise and groundwork) for post treatment which can be executed by my team. These exercises can easily be incorporated into our trainingprocess.

Emanuel & Anita Ernst


Emanuel ERNST
Alexander RIPPER - professional trainer and competition rider

We are cooperating since 2010 with Simone Klein and are more than satiesfied with her work. No matter if it is a two year old, freetime- or sporthorse, they all are checked and treated twice a year and therefore ready to master all of their duties. We are always looking forward to her visits and also our horses are comfortable with her treatments. Many thanks Simone!


Alexander RIPPER
Gerald FREITAG - professional trainer and competition rider

Simone Klein is treating almost all customer's horses as well as all of my own horses. Although she is living quite far away, she is here at least 3 times a year. All sport horses, as well as the freetime horses are checked on a regular basis and if necessary treated. Her holistic methods, including ostheopathy, chiropractic, homeopathy and also saddle fitting consultations are unmatched in professionalism. Simone - I could not do without your services - Thank you!

Gerald Freitag


Maria ASTIKAINEN - professional trainer and competition rider

I can warmly recommend horse osteopath Simone Klein. She has made a great job on our show and traininghorses here in Finland, regardless if they are Reiners, Dressagehorses, Jumpers or Trotters.


Christine KORB - professional trainer and competition rider

I am really happy that Simone is taking care of our customer's horses as well as our own horses. For years now she has been helping us with her services. She is technically up to date because of constantly attending seminars, and always provides us with tips and advices for further treatment if necessary. Her treatments adapt well to my trainings concepts, so that the horses can individually be at their best level. Many thanks for your work!.

Christine Korb & Hartmut Tille


Christine KORB
Anna WATZEK - Austrian military rider & horsetrainer

For almost 3 years now Simone Klein is regularly treating both my show- and also my young horses. Especially my top horse "High Fire" is prepared by her holistically before every major show. Her sensitive, yet effective treatment always motivate even horses like my young gelding, who was heavily traumatized after an accident, to work with her. Her tips for further training are always "horse oriented" and easy to execute . Simone has a major impact on my sporting career.


Christine KORB
Tierarztpraxis ERBING, Hamm

Simone is connecting her outstanding skills with collegial teamwork. In this process she involves the referring veterinarians, trainers and last but not least the riders and horseowners. She is treating the horses in a quiet, friendly and cheerful way which makes them more relaxed, cooperative and happy.

FTÄ Nicole Gies

Tierarztpraxis Erbing, Hamm



We are very pleased to be able to have Simone as a partner at our side. Despite the great distance to Lower Bavaria, she is at our facility two times a year. Customers and horses are always satisfied after her treatments. She sees and recognizes every "problem" and is also able to explain it to the owners precisely and in an understandable way. We do not want to miss Simone at our side.




Being in the professional jumpingsport for years now, I train all my horses by myself - from the basics with the young horses, up to the finished showhorse. Simone is also part of this process for years now. She has shown me the importance of checking and treating all horses regularly before major problems arise. Simone is also providing me with tips to solve problems in riding. I am really happy to have her at my side.


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