Lasertechnology is used in modern surgery since the 1960s, from where it was extended to other areas of medicine, mainly first to acupuncture. After discovering that lasertechnology has a stimulating effect on tissue, the next step was using biostimulation as a surface treatment.

Stimulatory effects on wound healing and tissue:

Prof. E. Mester was a pioneer doing research on the stimulatory effect of lasertechnology on woundhealing as well as the effects on the tissue. He came up with amazing results especially in therapy resistant cases.

Lasertherapy has the following effects:

  1. ATP synthesis is increased by up to 150%
  2. Stimulation of cellular metabolism
  3. Collagenous fibers and vesicles proliferate
  4. Renewal capabiliy of the veins are enhanced
  5. Protein synthesis is stimulated
  6. Increase of specific enzymes
  7. Increased antibody production
  8. The tensile strength of the wound is significantly increased
  9. Proliferation of the cells in division phase (faster healing)

Areas of application

  • Poor wound healing
  • Care of wounds after surgery
  • Burns
  • Nekrosis
  • Hematoma
  • Promote healing after nerve lesions
  • All types of inflammation and edema
  • Arthritis, fractures
  • Spasms, tensions, pain

    Lasertreatment is:

    Gentle, painless, aseptic, can be used with acute and chronic diseases. It is suitable for treating spots as well as larger areas.