Here horseowners can learn more about the techniques, effectiveness and the need of equine physiotherapy as an important part of your horses health in addition to the regular veterinary care or as a further treatment after equine osteopathy.

In human medicine physiotherapy already is an important factor. Especially patients with chronic back problems experience significant improvement through it after suffering over long periods of time.

It is the same with the horses back. Our equine partners have to carry huge weights and perform at a top level, no matter if they are jumpers, dressage-, western, racetrack- or freetimehorses. The human competitve sportsworld could not exist without physiotherapy - it is vital to prepare the athletes as well as possible.

Our horses, no matter in which discipline, are top performers and of course suffer the same as humans. Equine physiotherapy is helping to preserve the mobility and eliminate pains to keep our partners fit for as long as possible. Your horse will be grateful for it by giving you that extra in performance.


Equine physiotherapy for example means

  1. Mobilizing joints
  2. Stretching
  3. Massages & much more